About us

Forest of wiresAre you impressed by wires in this image? Who still knows which wire links what?

In the ever-evolving space of business intelligence, confusion is simply part of the job. But as far as BI solutions are concerned, not seeing clearly is simply not an option.

During our time in the BI space, we’ve noticed a gap in truly vendor-independent information. Surely, BI vendors have tons of information on their websites, but a critical piece is lacking: a comparison of solutions.

It’s tough for vendors to tell you honestly and credibly which solution would be the best fit for you. Even though there’s plenty of honest people around in the industry, they may simply not be precisely aware of how their product stacks up to competitors.

Of course, that’s what BI Consultants are for. But they also don’t come for free. IVDT aims to bridge that gap and provide reliable, truly vendor independent information about business intelligence.

This website has two sections:

1. About business intelligence

In this section you will find articles covering the basics of the business intelligence space.

2. BI Software

In this section, you will find comparisons and reviews of a wide range of BI solutions. This section is ever expanding as we try to add new, useful articles.

More to come! If you have any suggestions or proposals, we’re always open to them. Simply contact us through the form in the sidebar.